Planning, Control and Evaluation - A Cargo iQ webinar

Discover why Cargo iQ believes that planning, control and evaluation should cover 100% of our industry’s shipments, why it should be closely aligned with operational reality, and why a standard service delivery management tool is important for our industry, especially now; during and after this COVID-crisis. Join industry experts from across the supply chain as they provide insights from the various  perspectives.

When: Monday, 12 October 2020 14:00-15:30 Central European Time

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Welcome to the July 2020 edition of inSight!

Welcome to the third regular issue of inSight for 2020 … the different year. We have seen a lot of things change over the last six months. Almost all coming from limitations that were thrown at us by COVID-19. So many changes that a lot of us feel lost. We see companies, markets and people being hurt and it is hard to focus on anything else. Yet, strangely enough, this changed environment has also made us focus very much on what is truly important. Some of that regained focus forces us to rethink our position and the resulting questions are pretty revealing and sometimes even scary. Do we really need to do what we are doing? Do we need to invest in what we are investing in? Do our customers

Singapore Airlines Cargo increases network as it adapts to new market

Singapore Airlines Cargo (SIA Cargo) is gradually ramping up its network to pre-Covid-19 levels but it is still some way from what it used to operate. The airline has had to adapt operations and utilise its vast fleet to meet new demands and needs across the globe, utilising its passenger and freighter aircraft as best possible throughout the pandemic. Singapore Airlines’ Vice President Cargo Sales and Marketing, Mohamed Rafi Mar, explains how the Cargo iQ member adapts its operations during the pandemic to meet changing demands and needs. Please describe the journey that Singapore Airlines Cargo has been on during the Covid-19 pandemic and what have been the challenges? It goes without sayi

Swiss adapts fleet and operations to keep freight flying

Cargo iQ member Swiss International Air Lines has been on some journey since the start of the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic in the middle of March. The airline’s cargo arm Swiss WorldCargo moves cargo solely in the belly of its Boeing and Airbus passenger aircraft, but after much of its fleet was grounded, it had to think outside the box to keep the cargo flowing from Switzerland. Swiss WorldCargo’s Head of Cargo, Ashwin Bhat (pictured above), explains how the carrier has adapted its operations to meet demand. Please describe the journey that SWISS International Air Lines has been on during the COVID-19 pandemic? The COVID-19 pandemic was completely unexpected, and required us to quickly

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