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Welcome to the July 2020 edition of inSight!

Welcome to the third regular issue of inSight for 2020 … the different year.

We have seen a lot of things change over the last six months. Almost all coming from limitations that were thrown at us by COVID-19. So many changes that a lot of us feel lost.

We see companies, markets and people being hurt and it is hard to focus on anything else. Yet, strangely enough, this changed environment has also made us focus very much on what is truly important.

Some of that regained focus forces us to rethink our position and the resulting questions are pretty revealing and sometimes even scary. Do we really need to do what we are doing? Do we need to invest in what we are investing in? Do our customers genuinely need the product that we sell? Do people frequently need all the passenger movements that we offer? Do we ourselves need to do all the travel that we do? Can we truly work from home and remote meet so efficiently… saving so much time?

Some things have become abundantly clear, however … this world absolutely needs reliable air cargo solutions and Cargo iQ helps deliver that. We have been working very hard in remote settings and have a clear path to support the industry to define and deliver the reliable solutions this world needs through a collaborative approach for Planning, Control and Evaluation of our services: Plan • Deliver • Learn | Together.

Since our last inSight published in May, we have had our first, successful remote working group where people from all over the world participated in joint sessions. We talked about many things, but all of them were geared to bring forward the strategic priorities we have agreed with our membership in addressing the industry’s basics as well as making sure we are preparing it for a stronger future.

Our working group focused around making sure we control and measure all(!) our shipments, that our solutions for planning, control & evaluation closely match the true air cargo product and its operational processes, and that we make sure our systems are actually a tool for our members’ service delivery management.

These basic objectives are supplemented by expanding into planning and control solutions for shipment care, catering for different kind of service models, and growing the membership.

And it didn’t stop at virtual working groups, we have had a very constructive board meeting and interactive sessions on our planning logic. All in all, it has become abundantly clear that we have an important task set for us which we are facing head-on as a community.

Focusing more on what is truly important, and reconfirming that the strategic priorities we set for our organization are at the core of our industry’s principle considerations has been the pivot of our discussions and actions. For a brief summary of our priorities, please click here.

In this inSight you will find contributions from our members as well. Singapore Airlines Cargo talks about how it has adapted its fleet and operations and Swiss WorldCargo explains how it has dealt with the extensive challenges it has faced.

I just want to use this last line in expressing my emotions of being proud to be part of our strong community, my concerns for our colleagues that face unprecedented hardship in our markets and the organizational consequences as well as a strong conviction that we will be a stronger industry tomorrow than we are today.

Please stay strong and support each other.

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