Planning, Control and Evaluation - A Cargo iQ webinar

Discover why Cargo iQ believes that planning, control and evaluation should cover 100% of our industry’s shipments, why it should be closely aligned with operational reality, and why a standard service delivery management tool is important for our industry, especially now; during and after this COVID-crisis. Join industry experts from across the supply chain as they provide insights from the various  perspectives.

When: Monday, 12 October 2020 14:00-15:30 Central European Time

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Member Spotlight: AirBridgeCargo

By Nikolay Glushnev, General Director, AirBridgeCargo AirBridgeCargo is a Russian cargo carrier and has been a Cargo iQ member since 2007. In this Member Spotlight, Nikolay Glushnev, General Director at AirBridgeCargo talks about why the airline joined Cargo iQ and the benefits of membership, as well as the main challenges and opportunities facing the industry right now. Why and when did you join Cargo iQ? AirBridgeCargo (ABC) Airlines has been an active member of Cargo iQ since 2007, supporting its initiatives and working under quality improvement of the air cargo industry together with the other 80+ members of Cargo iQ. In April 2016, following a two-day audit, the company was issued the C

Guest Column: Marie Seco-Köppen

By Marie Seco-Köppen, Corp. Air Freight Process Digitalization Manager, DSV Panalpina A/S Delays result in production lines to stand still, mobile phones missing on shelves or, terribly painful, a masterpiece turning up after the temporary exhibition has closed its doors. Then there are the “near misses” and those delays that have no real impact as an extra truck was organized. For one of my online orders - leather shoes that perfectly fitted my dress - I received a friendly personal email (not one of those auto-generated messages) and a call announcing a one-week delay of the delivery of my shoes. My order was taken very seriously, and I felt valued, as the Spanish shoe retailer could not

Welcome to the summer inSight!

We bring you this newsletter from the Cargo iQ headquarters in Geneva, at the tail-end of summer breaks. September is always a time for change, and the world of air cargo is no different as it signals the start of peak season when people return from their summer holidays and start planning for the months leading to December. The next month will be busy for the Cargo iQ team as we hold a Board Meeting and a Member Meeting in Paris, followed by another Member Meeting in Geneva. The Board Meetings are always productive sessions and catching up with our members is equally beneficial for the future direction of Cargo iQ. If you are planning to attend one of the meetings in Paris or Geneva, then w

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