Planning, Control and Evaluation - A Cargo iQ webinar

Discover why Cargo iQ believes that planning, control and evaluation should cover 100% of our industry’s shipments, why it should be closely aligned with operational reality, and why a standard service delivery management tool is important for our industry, especially now; during and after this COVID-crisis. Join industry experts from across the supply chain as they provide insights from the various  perspectives.

When: Monday, 12 October 2020 14:00-15:30 Central European Time

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Welcome to the February 2019 inSight!

Ariaen Zimmerman, Executive Director of Cargo iQ This is the first Cargo iQ newsletter of 2019 and we’re already into the second month of the year, hoping you are looking back at a successful start to 2019. It was a busy start for us. I’ve been attending conferences to speak and meet with members, for instance in Johannesburg, and the management team as a whole had various meetings as well; for instance with our board committees. Meanwhile, we made great strides on some of our projects as well, such as with a proof of concept for planning & control at a piece level and a brand new product that is going to excite an additional profile of companies from our industry. As we move into March, we

Q Rally update

The first stage of Q Rally took place at a Cargo iQ Working Group in Budapest, Hungary, in November​ 2018 In our December 2018 newsletter, we introduced the Quality Rally, or Q Rally as we call it – our latest collaborative project that highlights the benefits of Cargo iQ members working together to solve air cargo industry issues. The first stage of the challenge took place at a Cargo iQ Working Group in Budapest, Hungary, in November last year, and resulted in the creation of several innovative solutions through the collaborative efforts of 14 different member organisations. One such collaboration was a joint effort by Juan Pablo Giraldo from Kuehne + Nagel, and Justin Park from Korean Air

MAB Kargo joins Cargo iQ

MAB Kargo, the main cargo division of Malaysia Aviation Group, recently joined Cargo iQ New members bring fresh expertise to our international network of more than 80 members, and help us to expand our footprint around the world. The most recent new addition to Cargo iQ is MAB Kargo, the main cargo division of Malaysia Aviation Group based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. “MAB Kargo joined Cargo iQ to improve tracking visibility from the point of booking to delivery for airlines and forwarders, to adhere to international quality standards, and to gain customer confidence in Malaysia Airlines as a preferred airline,” said Jagedeswaran Nadrajah, Head of Cargo Operations Transformation at MAB Kargo.

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