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Exception Handling Code Procedure

Our Exception Handling Procedures have been updated through a new list of codes and documentation that allows the membership to capture and share exceptions in a standard manner.

Warehouse-ramp handover events

We standardized the description, planning and performance measurement of two operational events: freight out of warehouse custody (FOW) and freight into warehouse custody (FIW). These events mark the handover between warehouse and ramp handler, allowing for proper performance management.


Solution for small and medium forwarders

The Cargo iQ SME Solution provides visibility of the planning and control of air cargo shipments to small and medium-sized freight forwarders.

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Care Mapping

Coming soon!

Beyond the traditional planning and control of shipment movement provided by the 'route map', our new 'care map' will provide visibility on the conditions under which a shipment moves.


Service Parameters

Coming soon!

We are developing definitions for time-specific products. This will allow our members to better plan and control their shipments in line with their time definite promise to customers. 

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