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Working Group Updates

Progress was made on various Cargo iQ projects during our last Working Group meeting, with more updates being announced soon.


The RFS Working Group advanced a proposal to ease the measurement of shipments that involve airline trucking. They ran a survey to gather input on the terminologies online and offline stations part.

The MOP Working Group also formulated work packages for new Metrics and Milestones, which are based on initial change requests received in 2023 and subsequent feedback on the proposed MOP re-design.


All changes for a vote have been submitted to the wider membership and votes are expected by 19th July.


Also at the meeting, the A2A Working Group sketched a plan to upgrade reporting requirements, which will enable members to measure visibility maps, data completeness, timeliness, and other key metrics.


The target is to publish the new specifications by the end of August.


The Working Group is also developing new Care Protocols.


Care Protocols can be used by ground handling agents, airlines, and freight forwarders to differentiate their service offerings.


The Working Group is creating a comprehensive list of Care Activities that will form the basis of Care Map planning.


Our service provider is developing a Care Activity Repository and a Care Package Generator in ENCORE.


The prototype will be ready for validation by the Cargo iQ membership in October 2024.


Later this year, we will also announce more updates for our new tiered membership scheme, currently being trialled by the Cargo iQ Board.


Thanks to everyone who has provided input and feedback for our initiatives so far this year.


A new Quality Rally (Q Rally), is also coming up, so members are being encouraged to team up and register!


Email Megha Palkar if you have any questions at


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