Planning, Control and Evaluation - A Cargo iQ webinar

Discover why Cargo iQ believes that planning, control and evaluation should cover 100% of our industry’s shipments, why it should be closely aligned with operational reality, and why a standard service delivery management tool is important for our industry, especially now; during and after this COVID-crisis. Join industry experts from across the supply chain as they provide insights from the various  perspectives.

When: Monday, 12 October 2020 14:00-15:30 Central European Time

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Cargo iQ Chair and Vice Chair speak in wake of COVID-19

Welcome to the second edition of inSight in 2020. Chairing Cargo iQ, we have penned down a message for our membership and the air cargo community in the wake of this global pandemic. Since our previous inSight, we have had an Annual General Meeting (AGM) with very good participation, but one which was already impacted by the COVID-19 crisis, since it was our first virtual edition. Even with that in mind, however, at that moment we couldn’t yet foresee the extent of this crisis that was starting to unfold. During the past few weeks, on the one hand, we have seen parts of aviation come to a complete standstill, while on the other hand, the world came to rely heavily on air cargo to meet its ne

Turkish Cargo steps up operations to meet global needs during pandemic

By Turkish Cargo Turkish Cargo has taken and continues to take proactive measures from the beginning of the global COVID-19 epidemic, which once again demonstrates the importance of the air cargo industry. As always, we take these measures by putting human health and safety in front of commercial concerns. As an example, we brought thousands of people from different countries to their homes, families, and loved ones by conducting a series of non-commercial evacuation flights that cover not only Turkish citizens but also citizens of other nations. In our global network, we have also given privileges, especially in the transportation of medical equipment, including masks, serums, and other lif

Bolloré Logistics sets up crisis unit to ensure cargo moves

Since the start of the global COVID-19 pandemic Cargo iQ members have mobilised and worked together to meet global needs. To meet health emergency needs, Bolloré Logistics set up a crisis unit to meet alternative transport plans for each shipment, combining flexibility and speed of execution. This unit is made up of company experts in the pharma and life science sectors and relies on an international network covering 109 countries. Owing to stricter measures throughout the Americas and Europe in response to the coronavirus outbreak, most passenger flights have been cancelled, creating a capacity crunch. In response, Bolloré Logistics devised a plan using charters, partial charters and hard-b

Q&A with Hendrik Leyssens VP Global Operations Cargo Swissport

Cargo iQ member Swissport has had to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic to meet new challenges and changing demands. The ground handler's Vice President of Global Operations Cargo, Hendrik Leyssens, who is also on the Cargo iQ board, explains how Swissport is dealing with the crisis and the new normal that is coming. Q) How has Swissport responded globally during the COVID-19 pandemic? The first priority has been the health and safety of our staff. Right from the beginning, Swissport has taken the necessary steps to make sure our staff is safe and healthy. Additional safety precautions have been taken, extra personal protection equipment (PPE) was made available to our staff, and communication

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