Planning, Control and Evaluation - A Cargo iQ webinar

Discover why Cargo iQ believes that planning, control and evaluation should cover 100% of our industry’s shipments, why it should be closely aligned with operational reality, and why a standard service delivery management tool is important for our industry, especially now; during and after this COVID-crisis. Join industry experts from across the supply chain as they provide insights from the various  perspectives.


Watch the video of the webinar held on 12 October 2020:

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Welcome to the October 2019 inSight!

By Ariaen Zimmerman, Executive Director, Cargo iQ It has been a successful couple of months for Cargo iQ with two exciting announcements. First, WiseTech Global joined Cargo iQ and will provide independent freight forwarders with access to industry best practices, through its operational platform, CargoWise One. CargoWise One users will be able to access Cargo iQ’s latest quality standards and processes from within the platform, once it is fully integrated, driving significant time savings and removing the need to facilitate Cargo iQ in a separate platform. Second, existing member Singapore Airlines has successfully completed the external audit to retain its certification as an accredited me

Join the Cargo iQ Implementation Session

As the Cargo iQ team prepares for the Working Group in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, next month, they are also gearing up for the Cargo iQ Implementation Session that is running alongside the event. In the spirit of collaboration, Cargo iQ will be hosting the sessions to facilitate knowledge sharing and team work between new and seasoned members. “The implementation sessions are important for new Cargo iQ members who want to ensure that they are using our standards in a way that benefits their business,” said Laura Rodriguez, Manager Implementation and Quality, Cargo iQ. “Collaboration is a great way to share knowledge and make new connections, and the sessions will involve Cargo iQ members talkin

Singapore Airlines successfully completes Cargo iQ audit

Geneva, Switzerland, Monday 28th October 2019 – Singapore Airlines has successfully completed its most recent Cargo iQ audit by external auditing company SGS, and retains its certification as an accredited member. All full members are audited every three years to ensure they are aligned with Cargo iQ standards and specifications. “Our audit is an essential part of being a Cargo iQ member and a useful tool to evaluate their quality management system,” said Ariaen Zimmerman, Executive Director, Cargo iQ. “The audit is conducted in three-year cycles, and its standards are continuously evaluated to stay up-to-date and reflect the best practices in the air cargo industry, as well as provide full

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