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New Cargo iQ Performance Scorecard aims to drive quality industry-wide

Cargo iQ is launching a new scorecard system, which will be open to both members and non-members to enable them to measure their own, and their partners’ performance against Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) derived from Master Operating Plan (MOP) milestones and data exchange between parties.


The Scorecard, which is under development for both forwarder-carrier and carrier-ground handling agent relationships is being piloted by the Cargo iQ Board.


It concentrates on selected Cargo iQ milestones, including Notified for Delivery (NFD) performance, which is a core Key Performance Indicator (KPI) for the group.


The aim is for the Scorecard to drive transparency industry-wide by giving all air cargo stakeholders standardised milestones against which to measure performance.

“With this new initiative and with our new Tier System, we are creating more transparency among members related to the level of implementation towards whole network and or shipment scope,” said Kerstin Strauss, Vice President, Global Operations Air Logistics, Kuehne + Nagel , and Chair, Cargo iQ.

“We are facilitating focused dialog on improvement to reach higher coverage and a clear focus on performance and overall service quality for our customers.”


The selected Cargo iQ Milestones for the Scorecard include Notified for Delivery (NFD) performance, which is a core KPI for us.

Other KPIs are related to timely and complete information exchange during the execution along the shipment journey.

They include Ready for Carriage (RCS), Departure (DEP), Arrival (ARR), and Received freight at final destination (RCF), for example.

“For balance, we also include important Data Input Quality KPIs, as one cannot perform a service if data is input incorrectly,” said Rutger Jan Pegels, Director Performance Management, KLM Cargo and Vice Chair, Cargo iQ.

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