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Q Rally update

The first stage of Q Rally took place at a Cargo iQ Working Group in Budapest, Hungary, in November​ 2018

In our December 2018 newsletter, we introduced the Quality Rally, or Q Rally as we call it – our latest collaborative project that highlights the benefits of Cargo iQ members working together to solve air cargo industry issues.

The first stage of the challenge took place at a Cargo iQ Working Group in Budapest, Hungary, in November last year, and resulted in the creation of several innovative solutions through the collaborative efforts of 14 different member organisations.

One such collaboration was a joint effort by Juan Pablo Giraldo from Kuehne + Nagel, and Justin Park from Korean Airlines.

Giraldo and Park worked together to improve the Latest Acceptance Time (LAT) performance by analysing Cargo iQ data from multiple locations where LAT performance was poor.

They identified that the Route Map (RM) was being created too late in the process of a shipment (after the shipment was tendered to the airline at origin) due to an operational and systems issue, which resulted in just 30 per cent on time performance relative to LAT.

Giraldo and Park made the discovery by checking the dates of the RM creation against the dates when cargo was checked in at the origin carrier warehouse, highlighting the inconsistency.

“Through having an open and cordial discussion, working as a team, and without the fear of working with low performance figures, we discovered the root cause of the issue,” said Giraldo.

“Not only did we manage to solve the problem, but we were also able to explain the issue to others, so other Cargo iQ members could check their data and analyse their performance for the benefit of the air cargo industry.

“There is a lot of power behind Cargo iQ data, and the Q Rally offered a relaxed environment in which to work together as a team to use the data and solve real issues.”

Following the successful completion of the first stage of the Q Rally, the second stage will take place at a Cargo iQ Working Group in May.

A joint effort from Cargolux and Panalpina won the first stage of the Q Rally after identifying that Ready for Carriage (RCS) notifications were being sent before Freight Waybill (FWB) transmissions were received, resulting in process inconsistencies or delays in the supply chain at Luxembourg Airport (LUX).

By ensuring FWB transmissions were triggered on time and RCS measurements were corrected, the Cargolux and Panalpina team were able to improve the quality rating at LUX from 69 percent to 94 percent in just six months.

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