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Welcome to the February 2019 inSight!

Ariaen Zimmerman, Executive Director of Cargo iQ

This is the first Cargo iQ newsletter of 2019 and we’re already into the second month of the year, hoping you are looking back at a successful start to 2019. It was a busy start for us. I’ve been attending conferences to speak and meet with members, for instance in Johannesburg, and the management team as a whole had various meetings as well; for instance with our board committees.

Meanwhile, we made great strides on some of our projects as well, such as with a proof of concept for planning & control at a piece level and a brand new product that is going to excite an additional profile of companies from our industry.

As we move into March, we are preparing for the World Cargo Symposium (WCS) in Singapore where we will be meeting our members and industry colleagues from around the world.

The WCS is always a highlight on the air cargo industry event calendar, and this is traditionally the venue for our annual general membership meeting (AGM). At this meeting we will be sharing our highlights from 2018, as well as presenting our plans and projects for the coming years.

But there will not just be an exciting show and an Annual General Meeting (AGM); on Monday 11 March the Cargo iQ Board will meet, and on Wednesday 13 March we will be organizing a press conference to unveil an exciting new project, just before our AGM.

After the WCS, the Cargo iQ team will stay in Singapore to conduct Introductory Training, which helps members to understand how they can optimally use Cargo iQ tools and data. This will be the second training event in Asia after our visit to Bangkok, in October last year.

Finally, we would like to offer a warm welcome to MAB Kargo, the latest member to join Cargo iQ, and you can read more about this development in the next story.

And to conclude … please contact me if you have any questions, tips or remarks, through

Looking forward to seeing you in Singapore, if you’re going to be there!

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