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New Tiered Membership Scheme for Cargo iQ members

The Cargo iQ team presented the new Tiered Membership scheme at a press conference in Hong Kong.

Cargo iQ is launching a new Tiered Membership program as part of its ongoing engagement scheme.


The system awards members Bronze, Silver, or Gold membership, according to their level of implementation and their conformance to reporting.


Requirements for each category are based on the company’s profile and are segmented against various metrics, such as planning, visibility, message quality, and qualified shipments.


The aim of the new system is to motivate members to adhere to, and implement to the best of their abilities, the Cargo iQ Master Operating Plan (MOP), making it visible when a member has achieved new levels of implementation, and allowing for more transparency between members.


There are various requirements to achieving the different tiers, based on the type of member, including airline, forwarder, Cargo iQ data management portal, or ground handling agent, for example.


Each implementation tier then includes a series of sections with criteria required to achieve either Bronze, Silver, or Gold status.


The sections include;

·      Planning visibility

·      Status update coverage

·      Qualified shipments message quality

·      Exception handling

·      Care mapping


The initiative is currently being piloted by Cargo iQ Board members and will go live later this year subject to a membership vote and approval.


Under the program, members will be invited to rate their own organization according to the Bronze, Silver, or Gold criteria.


Ratings are then submitted to Megha Palkar from the Cargo iQ team, who can be contacted on


The Cargo iQ Management Team will then validate the ratings and schedule a follow up meeting to discuss next steps.



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