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Turkish Cargo steps up operations to meet global needs during pandemic

By Turkish Cargo

Turkish Cargo has taken and continues to take proactive measures from the beginning of the global COVID-19 epidemic, which once again demonstrates the importance of the air cargo industry.

As always, we take these measures by putting human health and safety in front of commercial concerns.

As an example, we brought thousands of people from different countries to their homes, families, and loved ones by conducting a series of non-commercial evacuation flights that cover not only Turkish citizens but also citizens of other nations.

In our global network, we have also given privileges, especially in the transportation of medical equipment, including masks, serums, and other life-saving materials.

During this period, we continued to carry the funeral transportation according to the updated procedures, in line with IATA and WHO (World Health Organization) instructions.

Due to the cancellation of international passenger flights, we also utilized passenger planes not only to increase the volume of cargo we carry, mainly to prevent any disruption in the supply chain.

We took it one step further and not only used passenger planes, but utilized passenger cabins by carrying out all the rules and regulations set by the authorities with the utmost care, especially for the transportation of medical cargo.

On the other hand, in this period when quarantine processes are applied all over the world and remote working methods are in place, we witness once again the importance and the need of urgency for end-to-end digitalization of air cargo processes.

For this reason, we have accelerated and prioritized all of our digitalization projects to further improve our technological capacity, even after the pandemic. We will also expedite our projects with our partners and customers to meet their demands and expectations technologically.

Even though this epidemic which hits the industry really hard, we know that although all stakeholders of the sector are also seriously affected, we will overcome this period and we will succeed together.

We believe this epidemic is not a massive challenge that will have great negative effects on the industry, but also a great opportunity to show how strong our industry, cooperation, and unity is.

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