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Join the Cargo iQ Implementation Session

Laura Rodriguez

As the Cargo iQ team prepares for the Working Group in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, next month, they are also gearing up for the Cargo iQ Implementation Session that is running alongside the event.

In the spirit of collaboration, Cargo iQ will be hosting the sessions to facilitate knowledge sharing and team work between new and seasoned members.

“The implementation sessions are important for new Cargo iQ members who want to ensure that they are using our standards in a way that benefits their business,” said Laura Rodriguez, Manager Implementation and Quality, Cargo iQ.

“Collaboration is a great way to share knowledge and make new connections, and the sessions will involve Cargo iQ members talking about how they went through implementation and certification, and the challenges that they faced.

“This is an opportunity for new members to ask questions and learn from others as they start their Cargo iQ journey.

“It is also interesting for members who are soon going through the audit and certification process to learn from the experience of others.”

Representatives from Cargolux and DB Schenker will be presenting at the sessions.

Next month will be the third time that Cargo iQ has hosted implementation sessions alongside the Working Group and previous events have received positive feedback from attendees.

The event will also mark one year since the first Quality Rally initiative was launched.

The Quality Rally, also known as the Q Rally, takes place as part of the Working Group and involves Cargo iQ members working together to solve problems.

The Working Group, Q Rally, and Implementation Session will take place from 19th to 21st November 2019.

For more information and to secure a place at the Implementation Session, contact Laura Rodriguez at

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