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Welcome to our June Edition of inSight

The Covid-19 pandemic still has the world in its tight grip. There are positive signs from countries like the USA, Australia, and the UK but the European region still has to catch up on getting the vaccine to the people.

Unfortunately, there are still countries such as India and many others in the Southern Hemisphere such as Brazil which are still desperately waiting for vaccines to arrive in sufficient numbers to make a positive impact.

The slow down, or even worse, the lockdown in many countries, has subsequently had a tremendous impact on the air freight industry.

Although many people are hoping for a vacation this summer at a nice holiday destination, travel restrictions are still not lifted on an international basis.

Ongoing travel restrictions have affected the available air cargo space previously offered by PAX planes, and the demand for space is at an all-time peak.

Unusual Ocean Freight schedules and capacity challenges caused by different reasons, along with the disruption caused by the EVER GIVEN vessel in the Suez Canal, contribute to the high demand for air cargo.

What has that got to do with Cargo iQ? The answer is: Most of the air cargo which is presently moved around the world, is handled by Cargo iQ members.

Be it the vaccine against Covid-19, electronic equipment, textiles or any other commodity, which is urgently required anywhere in the world, it is being moved by the air cargo industry and by Cargo iQ members.

Applying the Cargo iQ Standards and the Quality Management System ensures proper planning, monitoring, and transparency for all of these urgent shipments.

In this edition of inSight, we give you a short report on the recent activities of the Cargo iQ organization.

We have had an intense two weeks of virtual Working Group meetings, pulling together experts from our membership to work on a number of things, such as an update of the Master Operating Plan, Quality Audits, Smart data, Road Feeder Services, and many others.

We also continue to work on our INCLUDE activity which is aimed at ensuring that our members can bring 100% of their shipments into the Cargo iQ fold.

One of our new Board members, Fedor Novikov, AirBridgeCargo, elected during the AGM in April 2021, will provide an insight into his view of the Cargo iQ Organization.

Please do enjoy the information in this edition of inSight.

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