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Welcome to our December edition of inSight

Welcome to our December edition of inSight.

Cargo iQ’s mission to create and implement quality standards for the worldwide air cargo industry has never been more relevant.

The pandemic has highlighted the importance of keeping the supply chain moving to a wider audience and now, as we face the challenge of transporting millions of vaccines across the globe, that audience is looking to us to deliver.

Our air cargo industry will only be able to do this is by ensuring our industry is offering measurable, quality solutions with a focus on safety and speed.

Despite the severe challenges of the last few months, Cargo iQ members have continued working on new projects to ensure that we collaborate to do just that.

We have six projects on the go, which we are giving you updates on in these newsletters. This month is Exception Handling Code Procedure (EHCP), which will be a vital tool as we navigate the next few months.

You will also hear from our carrier Board Member Frosti on the carrier’s view. As well as an explanation of one of the six pillars of our strategy.

I would like to take this opportunity of congratulating Cargo iQ members on their resilience and dedication to keeping the momentum going despite the COVID-19 situation.

We do not know yet what 2021 will bring, but we do know that whatever it brings, we will continue to face this together.

The Cargo iQ team sends Season’s Greetings and best wishes for a brighter outlook in 2021.


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