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Process Redesign

Cargo iQ’s mission to create and implement quality standards for the worldwide cargo industry has come into full focus over the last twelve months.

We need to be agile and adaptable as never before and have been busy implementing changes to ensure that we have solid foundations for the future.

Working with members, we have looked into redesigning existing project lines, to inject new energy, future proofing our systems, and further evolving Cargo iQ into a greater planning, control, and evaluation tool.

We have identified six strategic focal points, divided into two different themes – The Basics, and The Future.

Addressing the industry basics, we aim to ensure there is one version of the truth, measured for 100% of the shipments, from end-to-end. We also want to ensure that offsets and messaging reflect reality and that we can be used as an accurate service delivery management tool for all members.

Looking to the future, we want to create service parameters such as time-defined service, that members can actively use, introduce Care Mapping to add quality control to existing quality assurance programs in, for example pharma or dangerous goods, and develop membership.

To achieve these goals, we are implementing changes to Cargo iQ Specifications, our Master Operating Plan, the Cargo iQ Auditing process, and Messaging & Data Exchange and Systems.

These proposed changes were met with broad approval from the membership. A positioning paper was then distributed in December 2020 for adoption as a true Cargo iQ position, followed by 86% of the membership voting in support.

To read more about our strategic focal points, click the links below:

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