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Developing the membership

Throughout our series of inSights, we introduce our six strategic focal points, divided into two different themes: The Basics, addressing the industry basics, and The Future, helping our industry to be ready for future opportunities.

Within The Future focal points, one aim is to develop the Cargo iQ membership. In this issue, we address this focus and how this fits with Cargo iQ’s projects, for instance the SME Project spotlighted this month.

Developing the membership

Cargo iQ’s goal to create and implement quality standards for our industry relies on community support from all parts of the global airfreight supply chain. A diverse membership is central to the success of the projects we deliver, and we need to focus on further developing that membership to help us better support and improve the industry, its processes, and eventually its customer experience.

We are acutely aware that the true results of our efforts are not delivered by the organization of Cargo iQ; they are delivered by its members. Our industry’s service delivery model is interconnected and by working together that is how our members derive value from their membership. Value that in the end is delivered by our members to our members, as per our mission: Plan • Deliver • Learn | Together.

All of our projects such as the Master Operating Plan (MOP), our CDMPs (Cargo iQ Data Management Portal), our specs, and our Special Handling Codes have been developed by Cargo iQ interest group members. They help us improve the performance of our members. By keeping these standards up to date with business practices, we actually help our membership develop. Develop into a group of better companies, a better group so to say.

Also, our trainings, performance reports, and audits are aimed at improving our members and their performance. But developing our membership through developing our members is not enough. We also want to grow our membership with new members, so that our members have more members to interact with and benefit from.

We have created an account management platform, worked on the presentation of our value proposition and are working on making it easier to implement our methodology. For instance, through a simpler, more logical approach to offset management. Our new planning and evaluation logic for GHA activities also means we have a lot more to offer these members and at our upcoming AGM we will introduce our efforts to clarify the RFS contribution to our industry through extension of our MOP.

Bringing in many voices shines a light on the links in distribution that need attention and brings creativity to the solutions that can be delivered. With the membership only diversifying, we look forward to the future it will bring for Cargo iQ, and the industry as a whole.

To read more about Cargo iQ’s continuous improvement of key focus areas including shipment coverage, reliable planning and real-time process control, read our inSight on SME. You can also read more about Cargo iQ’s overall strategy by clicking here.

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