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Letter from the new Executive Director, Lothar Moehle

Welcome to our December – or the year-end – edition of inSight.

It is the time of the year where we are all taking a step back and reviewing the past months.

At Cargo iQ we have had an interesting and challenging year, as our former Executive Director left. But, and not surprisingly, the Cargo iQ management team switched to a higher gear, concentrated on the many tasks ahead and still managed to lead the organization to success. Please join me in thanking the management team for their dedication to Cargo iQ and its 60+ members and for putting in the extra effort to get the job done.

During the course of this year, we held two very successful – albeit virtual – Working Group meetings. With the help of experts from our membership, delegated to various groups, we updated the Master Operating Plan (MOP); we continued fine-tuning the audit procedure; our CDMP community is on track to upgrade to V. 6 – followed by V. 7 – of the Airport-to-Airport Specifications, (which will help us get better analytics and synchronized reports). In order to achieve 100 % reporting, our sWG RFS finalized the draft of new specifications and is consulting with a technology provider for a simple app to enable communication between driver and base; and this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Some of our members once again reported on great success stories of quality improvement during our Q-Rally initiative. A new round has been introduced and agreed upon during the November meeting. We are very excited that members were happy to join this fun initiative and we are looking forward to the results. Please see more detailed reports further in this newsletter.

During the course of next year, as we are celebrating our 25th anniversary, we will continue to work hard on quality improvement and to make Cargo iQ even more relevant for the industry in general and for our members in particular. We will upgrade our ENCORE portal to enable us to provide better visibility and we will support our members to roll-out the EHC procedure and will monitor implementation during quality audits. We are going to continue to work on RFS specification and data exchange, as well as look into ways to measure messaging quality – to name just a few of our planned activities. There is a busy year ahead of us.

This leaves me and the entire Cargo iQ Management Team to wish you, your loved ones, and all your colleagues and friends a peaceful holiday season and a great start into the New Year.

Please do enjoy the information in this edition of inSight.

With kindest regards,

Lothar Moehle

Cargo iQ Board Member and

Future Executive Director

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