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Welcome to our October edition of inSight

Letter from the future Executive Director, Lothar Moehle

This is another edition of the Cargo iQ inSight publication, which I warmly recommend you to read – and share within your organization.

The members and the Board of Cargo iQ have entrusted me to head the Cargo iQ Management Team as of January 2022. This appointment is a great honor for me, and I will work hard to justify the trust in my capabilities and in my determination to work with our members to improve the quality levels of the air cargo industry.

I am fully aware of the fact that I cannot be successful without the diligence of, and reliance on, the other members of the Cargo iQ team. They have already shown a huge resilience and have been working very hard during the recent months to keep up with the challenges of all the projects within Cargo iQ, while simultaneously helping our members to deal with the unusual circumstances during the last year.

You might be aware that I have worked for the predecessor organization Cargo 2000 in the past, that I have been involved as a Board Member of Cargo iQ for the last six years and served as an Interim Team Leader the last few months. So, I am not very new to the organization and the important work Cargo iQ is doing.

In the June edition we wrote about the ongoing pandemic, which is unfortunately still right among us. However, this challenge has now been combined with further challenges in addition, such as very, very low available capacity for air cargo in basically all markets. The disruptions in flight operations as well as ground handling in some large air cargo hubs have certainly not helped to calm the situation and as we are now entering into the so-called Peak Season, there is a likelihood of continued busy days ahead of us.

During our recent Board and Membership Meeting, we discussed and agreed on the way forward for Cargo iQ. It is very important for our members to continue with the activities we started in 2021 so that we can complete the projects. Please read further below for more details.

A new concept to offer very attractive membership fees for Small and Medium Sized Forwarders and Airlines has been proposed to the members. If adopted, this new concept would make joining Cargo iQ possible without having to budget for a massive cost increase. So, our invitation to join Cargo iQ and become an important member of the quality focused group is out there. The Cargo iQ Management Team is available to give any further information you may require.

Please do enjoy the information in this edition of insight.

With kindest regards,

Lothar Moehle

Cargo iQ Board Member and

Future Executive Director

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