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The Swiss consultancy will lend its diverse sector expertise to help develop common standards for enhanced industry collaboration

Geneva, Switzerland, Tuesday 14th June 2022: Cross-stakeholder organization Cargo iQ has welcomed logistics consultancy Im3pact as a Strategic Associate to contribute sector knowledge and help deliver the benefits of Cargo iQ to the global air cargo industry.

As a Strategic Associate, Im3pact’s team of consultants will lend insight from their previous experience of direct involvement in the air cargo supply chain and from their current position as advisors to the sector.

“We are excited to join Cargo iQ,” said Marie Seco-Köppen, Principal Consultant, Im3pact.

“Standards are absolutely crucial as a common language across the multitude of players. They allow the air cargo model to fully reap the benefits of technology while preserving its resilience.

“This is where we believe initiatives like Cargo iQ are more relevant than ever and we look forward to active engagement and exchange with the Cargo iQ community.”

Im3pact is a Swiss boutique consultancy that works with shippers, forwarders, airlines, and ground handlers to drive collaboration based on common standards and innovative technology.

The team works across different players in the global transportation industry to drive quality, promote automation, eliminate wasteful activities, and focus on meaningful digitalization.

“There is no question that the global logistics industry has lots of headroom on the process and technology side,” added Seco-Köppen.

“If we can build the standards we need for increased interoperability, this industry can deliver compelling solutions to the shippers and consumers who ultimately pay the bill.”

As a Strategic Associate member, Im3pact will contribute a holistic perspective, informed by its work across the different specialized actors in the supply chain, including the shipper’s perspective.

“Cargo iQ remains committed to developing standards that are pragmatic and purposeful in order to establish a common language for the industry that can bring long-term, tangible improvement to supply chain visibility,” said Lothar Moehle, Executive Director, Cargo iQ.

“Im3pact shares this goal, and we believe our partnership with them will help to accelerate our progress towards reaching it.”

As Cargo iQ celebrates 25 years of operation in 2022, the organization is ramping up activity to drive a standardized approach to air cargo transportation, with the launch of new in-person Advanced Training for members in May.

Its bi-annual Working Group meetings will take place from 13th to 16th June in Geneva, with the second Advanced Training day to be held on location on 17th June.


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