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Audit process update

We have been shining a spotlight on one of our projects in each edition of our inSight series to give you an update on progress and to give a more in-depth understanding of what they mean for Cargo iQ and the membership.

This month, we are focusing on our audit process and the recent updates that have been made.

We recently added two policies relating to the audit and certification process.

One of them is a policy for additional audits, which means that members may be audited at any point in time outside of the regular audit cycle.

This may be triggered by big organizational changes, changes to the IT system, or any other change that may impact the results of audited items.

The second policy is the certificate annulment which means that members may have their certificate annulled.

This can be triggered by failing to comply with the membership agreement (including the timely payment of the membership fees) or the failure to schedule an additional audit.

The Implementation & Quality Assurance Committee will evaluate if there is need for an addition audit, in what scope (partial or full), and whether a certificate should be annulled.

Both policies were drafted by the Audit sub-Working Group and approved by the Board for a membership Vote in early 2021. The Membership was then asked to vote by mail in March 2021 and after approval, the policies took effect on the first April 2021.

Changes were made to add greater value to the Cargo iQ Certification, and policy updates will apply to the whole membership.

Before the changes, a Cargo iQ member would hold certification for three years after an audit without exception.

This meant that members could halt measurement and reporting of Cargo iQ statistics for long periods of time without any impact on their certification.

These situations, although they are rare, may raise questions about the validity of the certification and are unfair to the members that maintain the required level of quality throughout the three years between audits.

The policies will enhance the value of the Cargo iQ Certification, since the certificate now ensures that the member continues to maintain the same level of quality that they presented at the audit.

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