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Member Spotlight: CEVA Logistics

In this Member Spotlight, Anne Kammerer, Network Planning Analyst of Global Airfreight at CEVA Logistics talks about the benefits of Cargo iQ membership.

She also discusses any developments at the logistics and supply chain specialist that is headquartered in Switzerland.

Q) When did CEVA Logistics join Cargo iQ?

CEVA Logistics has been an active member for quite some years, re-certified since July 2016.

Q) How does being a Cargo iQ member boost your business?

The fact that we are Cargo iQ member does not primarily impact the customer acquisition, but rather helps to maintain a healthy customer relationship (see next question).

Q) What are the biggest benefits of being a Cargo iQ member?

One version of the truth when looking at quality, is we apply the same standards, measuring against agreed, standardized offsets.

There is a possibility to benchmark quality KPIs against industry peers. It helps to engage with other members to jointly improve our quality.

The Cargo iQ working group meetings also help to start discussions, and the Q-Rally initiative is a great way to work on issues.

At the same time, these are shared with the group so that in the end, every member can benefit from the discussions and the presented results.

Cargo iQ is all about planning, controlling and reporting of shipments: PLAN – based on the standardization of each process step from Airport-to-Airport (Phase 1) and door-to-door (Phase 2), Cargo iQ is able to precisely calculate the time at which certain events, known as milestones, will occur within the shipment cycle. The result of this automated procedure is a transport plan – the shipment’s route map.

CONTROL – once a shipment is on its way, the fulfilment of each milestone is electronically monitored against the respective transit schedules in the route map. If one of these process steps is not completed as planned, the system triggers an alert, enabling the forwarder and carrier to implement corrective measures. This supervision of the shipment is ongoing until it is delivered at destination.

REPORT – by means of standardized Cargo iQ reports provided through an IT provider, CEVA is also able to measure and monitor airlines on ‘performance vs. promise’ with commonly agreed key performance indicators. These initiatives help to improve our quality and therefore also help to maintain our customer relations and also help to win new potential business.

Q) What are the biggest challenges and opportunities for CEVA Logistics?

The biggest current challenge is, of course, general developments in the airfreight market and our productivity. The next challenge and opportunity will be the implementation of a new Traffic Management System (TMS) over the next 4-5 years.

Q) What areas are CEVA Logistics focusing on in 2020?

We will continue to make substantial investments in special cargo products to build on our strong position in General Cargo. We are also working towards a higher share of consolidation of our cargo streams, optimizing cost as well as performance.

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