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Emirates and Kuehne + Nagel benefit from collaboration in Q-Rally

Emirates and Kuehne + Nagel improved their shipment planning and control when they collaborated in the third stage of the Q-Rally in November.

The airline and the freight forwarder worked together to improve a two- milestones; Freight Waybill (FWB) and Notify Freight Delivery (NFD).

They finished second to the winners AirBridgeCargo Airlines and DB Schenker in the third stage of the Q-Rally challenge in November at Cargo iQ’s working group in Kuala Lumpur.

As part of the initiative, Emirates and Kuehne + Nagel made corrective action to reduce rejected FWB, resolving messaging issues with the ground handling agent (GHA) and implemented Surface (STM) message with the road feeder service (RFS) provider.

“The Q-Rally gave us an opportunity to showcase our work and improvements,” said Ithrath Usman, Cargo Customer Relations Manager, Emirates.

“Sharing a platform with a customer and explaining our initiative and actions taken to improve our service quality, immensely increased our confidence in showing how a collaborative approach can immediately improve quality, within one-year of our Cargo iQ membership.”

He said the benefits were overall improvement in service quality performance with a global customer, using the learning to resolve similar issues with other shipments and customers.

“Sharing our success story with other Cargo iQ members will help them resolve similar issues,” Usman said. “The Q-Rally is a good platform for sharing each members’ success or improvement stories.”

He said Emirates and Kuehne + Nagel will collaborate again and work on improving service quality with other projects showcased at the next Q-Rally.

Involvement in the Q-Rally has also proven to be beneficial for Kuehne + Nagel, said Juan Pablo Giraldo, Process Manager Airfreight.

“Kuehne + Nagel is about data, the more data we get from the airlines the better. Specifically, the more Route Maps we receive the better,” said Giraldo.

He said through the initiative, Kuehne + Nagel found out how to improve FWB rejections and also worked with local teams in Frankfurt to come up with a joint solution to increase NFD performance at this location.

Kuehne + Nagel also took part in a Q-Rally initiative with Qatar Airways, monitoring their FWB performance at any given location and looking at ways to increase FWB performance and boost e-AWB activation.

Giraldo said Kuehne + Nagel is looking to take part in the Q-Rally again, and would like to work on an initiative with a ground handling agent.

Other participating member groups who teamed up in the third stage of the Q-Rally were DSV Panalpina and Air France KLM Martinair, CEVA Logistics and Qatar Airways, and Turkish Airlines and DB Schenker.

The Q-Rally was introduced at the Chicago working group in April 2018 and the first stage took place at the Budapest working group in November 2019.

The popular initiative will continue in 2020.All members present vote for a presentation based on their topics, results and overall progress during the stages.

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