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MAB Kargo joins Cargo iQ

MAB Kargo, the main cargo division of Malaysia Aviation Group, recently joined Cargo iQ

New members bring fresh expertise to our international network of more than 80 members, and help us to expand our footprint around the world.

The most recent new addition to Cargo iQ is MAB Kargo, the main cargo division of Malaysia Aviation Group based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

“MAB Kargo joined Cargo iQ to improve tracking visibility from the point of booking to delivery for airlines and forwarders, to adhere to international quality standards, and to gain customer confidence in Malaysia Airlines as a preferred airline,” said Jagedeswaran Nadrajah, Head of Cargo Operations Transformation at MAB Kargo.

“Membership allows us to access operational gap analysis via Cargo iQ data, enables us to improve our customer services index, and adds value to our product offerings.

“It also enables reporting on end-to-end performance and in-depth analysis of customer requirements, which aligns with our focus on quality as we translate our vision to be a world-class cargo airline into a reality.”

MAB Kargo operates at almost 100 destinations through scheduled freighter services and belly space capacity on its holding company’s aircrafts, Malaysia Airlines.

“Cargo iQ is committed to improving and implementing quality standards in air cargo, which is made possible through collaborating with our members around the world,” said Ariaen Zimmerman, Executive Director at Cargo iQ.

“Growing our international membership portfolio and welcoming new members like MAB Kargo is an exciting development for us as we continue to raise our profile in new regions to expand our global air cargo network.”

In March, the Cargo iQ team will be visiting Asia again for the Group’s Annual General Meeting and Board Meeting at the World Cargo Symposium (WCS) in Singapore, and to conduct Introductory Training for Cargo iQ members.

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