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Smart Data leaps forward in 2017

Welcome to our first inSight for 2017, a year that started off for us in a positive way. We had an opportunity to show our closer cooperation with the shipper community in Interlaken, Switzerland, where Cargo iQ joined Chris Welsh, Secretary General of the Global Shippers’ Forum in a presentation at the Swiss Shippers' Council Conference. We jointly presented on the importance of metrics and Key Performance Indicators. It is encouraging to see the shippers embrace our philosophy on the importance of performance management for our industry.

This week, Cargo iQ has been attending Air Cargo Africa in Johannesburg, South Africa, where we have been meeting with members and participated in a panel on Innovation. We believe innovation is important and should be the result of a solid understanding of current industry practices and performances. Our Smart Data self-service portal, which

will go live in the next few weeks, is one example of our contributions. We are innovating, but also aiming to allow our industry to innovate. Innovation is, after all, one of our brand values: Quality, Collaboration, Reliability, Trust and, Innovation.

Read the full InSight issue here.

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