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Swissport’s new app monitors Cargo iQ milestones

Ground handler Swissport recently implemented a new mobile application that facilitates meeting and monitoring Cargo iQ milestones by digitizing the air cargo warehousing process.

The Cargospot app, developed by CHAMP Cargosystems, allows Swissport to record every step of the warehousing process, including acceptance, build-up, check-in of goods and delivery. With live visibility of these milestones, customers can monitor their shipment status according to Cargo iQ standards.

“Our new cargo app enables us to take the digitization of our air cargo business to the next level,” said Hendrik Leyssens, VP Global Operations Cargo, Swissport.

"The improved visibility of every individual shipment will benefit the entire Cargo iQ community and our own workers alike.

"Beyond that, this new way of working delivers a wealth of data, clearing the way for further optimization and streamlining the cargo flow at Swissport warehouses."

“The brand-new cargo app and mobile devices will offer great improvements for our cargo staff across the globe," said Priscila Marques, Manager Global Operations, Swissport.

"The user-friendly technology digitizes a wide range of warehouse processes that traditionally have been manual, like service capturing, cargo checks and the allocation of resources.

"It will bring real-time visibility to our office team and customers, that can keep track of each shipment status according to Cargo iQ standards.”

Already in use in five Swissport warehouses, the app will soon bring real-time visibility on cargo shipments, and their progress according to Cargo iQ’s Master Operating Plan (MOP), to all 76 of Swissport’s locations, following completion of full roll-out at the end of 2022.

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