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News from our virtual Working Group

Cargo iQ recently hosted over 100 participants at our virtual Working Group, where new Board members from Hellmann and AirBridgeCargo were welcomed following their election at our AGM earlier in the year, and sub Working Group (sWG) focuses for the next few months were discussed.

There were also strategic and membership updates during the Working Group, along with the announcement of results from recent membership votes, a ‘Specifications, Master Operating Plan, Audit, Messaging and data exchange, Systems’ (SMAMS) re-cap and status update, along with a review of the Cargo iQ roll-out plan.

For this year the overall key objectives have been agreed as:

  • Achieve 100% reporting

  • Make active efforts to reach out and engage the small and medium size forwarders not yet enjoying the benefits of Cargo iQ

  • Ensure we truly implement our Quality Management System by enhancing the service delivery support functionality in addition to post-event reporting

sWG Focus

Many new participants took part in the Working Group to represent Cargo iQ members in several sub-Working Groups (sWG).

Each sWG was provided with a Terms of Reference (ToR) as a brief, which detailed issues to be tackled over a period of time.

sWGs are typically formed of two airlines, two forwarders, one to two Ground Handling Agents (GHA), one to two Cargo Data Management Platform (CDMP) providers, and additional members as observers.

Cargo iQ’s sWGs are split into eight focus areas. Each focus group then has individual tasks based on the ToR provided:

Cargo Messaging Working Group (CMWG) sWG (as part of the IATA messaging Working Group):

  • Freight Into Warehouse (FIW) and Freight Out of Warehouse (FOW): defining a messaging standard for new events

  • Exception Handling Code Procedure (EHCP): defining a messaging standard for EHCP, so that airlines, GHAs, and forwarders can exchange codes

  • Service Parameters: defining a messaging standard

Care Protocols sWG:

  • Defining details for care protocol, process steps, and messaging requirements

Audit sWG:

  • Identifying how roll-out items will be incorporated into the Audit


  • Updating and simplifying the ENCORE platform. This is the platform that maintains the offset agreements between carrier and forwarder members