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Process redesign enhances planning

Singapore Airlines’ Vice President Cargo Sales & Marketing, Mohamed Rafi Mar

The Cargo iQ Board last week presented its package of proposals for process redesign which will lead to significant enhancements in the way shipment route maps are planned, replanned and evaluated.

Over and above the flight-specific, operations-based planning we already have in place, the addition of service commitments, such as Total Travel Time, Latest Availability at Destination, route-specific planning and First Flight Out, will allow members to tailor route map planning and control much more specifically to the individual requirements of each shipment.

The package represents the most wide-ranging advancement of best quality standards for several years, with:

  • the addition of new milestones Freight in Warehouse (FIW), Freight out of Warehouse (FOW) and one that indicates the Carrier Service Commitment at destination airport;

  • a re-design of the dependencies between handover and operational milestones and between operational events;

  • the introduction of new messaging standards to support the FIW and FOW events and the communication of service parameters;

  • the incorporation of data exchange coverage, content and timeliness into quality standards;

  • the clean-up of all event and milestone definitions in the Cargo iQ Master Operating Plan (MOP) and Glossary and

  • a clear delineation of KPI success or failure specific to the shipment conditions.


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