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Cargo iQ welcomes a new recruit

Ursula Wenzel, Team Assistant, Cargo iQ

I was born and bred in Brazil, where I graduated in International Relations in 2018. I have been working with foreign governments for most of my career, mostly for the British Government in Brussels, where I supported the UK Mission to the EU and the Office of the Northern Ireland Executive throughout Brexit and the Trade Agreement Negotiations.

In my new role, I am working as a team assistant at Cargo iQ. My job is to facilitate tasks and support the team in their various activities. For instance, I’m working with logistical arrangements for meetings, working groups and finance tasks.

Working with air cargo is an exciting new challenge that allows me to stretch myself further, whilst offering a fantastic learning experience. Understanding the different factors and how the industry works together to achieve higher standards is a brilliant example of cooperation, which fascinated me.

The first thing that impressed me about the role at Cargo iQ was how truly international and multicultural the organization and the team are. On top of being an organization working with learning and development for the whole industry, I’m delighted to learn from so many interesting and highly accomplished professionals.

I am very excited to support the team and learn, participating further in the advanced trainings and the special working groups. I’m a devout believer of continued development by learning and the opportunities to exchange experiences and further develop our tools to achieve higher standards is an exciting challenge going forward!

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