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The organization to develop an app for truckers and to bring enhanced data analytics to members to drive quality and visibility in air cargo transportation

London, UK, Wednesday 28th September 2022: Cross-stakeholder air cargo organization Cargo iQ has announced its objectives for 2023 and its renewed strategy at a special 25th anniversary press conference held at the IATA World Cargo Symposium (WCS) in London, UK, today.

The organization’s key projects for next year include the development of an app for truckers and enhanced data analytics for members, Cargo iQ Executive Director Lothar Moehle, Cargo iQ Chair Henrik Ambak, and Vice-Chair Kerstin Strauss told attendees.

Further plans include the relaunch of a sub-working group to focus on door-to-door shipment specifications to enhance the CDMP (cargo data management platform) to include shipments where the forwarder at the import station differs from the forwarder at the export station.

The development of a Care Protocol is also on the agenda, to bring the industry more visibility and control over the conditions under which a shipment is moved.

“Cargo iQ has made great strides towards our collective goal for a quality-driven global supply chain in 2022 and we are dedicated to maintaining this momentum towards a seamless and transparent supply chain with our focus areas for 2023,” said Moehle.

(l to r) Henrik Ambak, Cargo iQ Chairman & SVP Cargo Operations Worldwide, Emirates; Kerstin Strauss, Cargo iQ Vice-Chair & VP Global Air Logistics Operations, Kuehne + Nagel; Lothar Moehle, Executive Director, Cargo iQ

Plans to drive data analytics for members include analysing and sharing data from reports and encouraging members to use the air cargo information hub to better understand and mitigate service failures.

Using the learnings from the road feeder services (RFS) pilot currently underway, Cargo iQ will develop an app to make key data available to truckers to bring visibility to the road transport of airfreight.

Possible investment into the set-up of the Care Protocol as a separate server or integration into the ENCORE platform is planned to bring more control over shipment conditions.

It was also announced on day one of the WCS that Cargo iQ is joining IATA’s Future Air Cargo Executive Summit (FACES) programme, to join the effort to foster innovative thinking and prepare the next generation of leaders for the air cargo industry.

“In 2022 the Cargo iQ community has already made significant progress, with new members, new training, new MOP milestones and a road freight pilot,” said Henrik Ambak, SVP Cargo Operations Worldwide, Emirates.

“We have many plans already in the pipeline to continue this good work next year and bring the benefits of data sharing, digitalization, and collaboration to the global air cargo sector.”

(l to r) Lothar Mohle, Executive Director, Cargo iQ; Henrik Ambak Cargo iQ Chairman & SVP Cargo Operations Worldwide, Emirates; Laura Rodriguez, Manager Implementation and Quality, Cargo iQ; Megha Palkar, Assistant Manager; Kerstin Strauss Cargo iQ Vice-Chair & VP Global Air Logistics Operations, Kuehne + Nagel; Chris Davies, Technology and Product Manager at Cargo iQ
The Cargo iQ team with Cargo iQ Chair Henrik Ambak and Vice-Chair Kerstin Strauss at the WCS in London 2022

Ongoing elements of Cargo iQ’s strategy include the aim to achieve 100 percent reporting and to drive full implementation by members of Cargo iQ processes.

In order to achieve 100 percent reporting, the focus for Cargo iQ activities next year will include the RFS sub-working group, ENCORE updates to benefit ground handlers, as well as auditing and direct work to assist members with implementation efforts.

“Our work this year is proof that collaboration is key to achieving real change as an industry and that Cargo iQ is a vital platform for achieving that collaboration,” said Kerstin Strauss, VP Global Air Logistics Operations, Kuehne + Nagel.

Cargo iQ has been developing solutions for quality in the supply chain for 25 years and you can view their 25th anniversary video here.


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