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A View from the Board

Fedor Novikov from AirBridgeCargo explains how Cargo iQ has supported the acceleration of their advancement in quality performance.

First of all, it is a great honour to be a Board member of Cargo iQ. Having been involved in the first and the second Cargo iQ audits, which were carried out for AirBridgeCargo Airlines in 2016 and 2019, I feel that our company has significantly advanced in quality performance. Cargo iQ today is more than an IATA interest group: it has transformed into a community bringing stakeholders together and making sure that their voices are heard globally. The main reason to become a Cargo iQ member is to harmonise the standards within the supply chain, to be able to speak one language with all supply chain stakeholders, and confirm high-quality standards. Cargo iQ serves as an entrance ticket to validate our high level of quality performance. For the last 18 months, the role of air cargo has been more visible, as cargo carriers delivered vital supplies across the globe in the battle against the Covid-19 spread. Now it is time to scale up initiatives and implement projects and plans aimed at further quality enhancement of the supply chain. I think that Cargo iQ is on the right track with this as it has nurtured an innovative spirit since the first day of its work. Cargo iQ gives the possibility to network with major customers, understand their requirements and pain points, and tailor our products and services according to their needs, bringing maximum benefit to their business, as well as to ours. The Pandemic has boosted the demand for dedicated cargo including healthcare, high-tech, e-commerce and other commodities requiring special operating procedures in place and a high level of collaboration among all the stakeholders. We are positive that Cargo iQ members will be working in this direction with the introduction of care mapping, updates of definitions for time-specific products, standardising descriptions, planning, and performance measurement of some operational events, to name a few focuses. With other multiple IATA efforts, including ONE Source, dedicated webinars, sustainable health policies, vaccine distribution guidelines, and others, the industry will be able to continue its successful journey lessening the disruption caused by the Pandemic. We do hope that Cargo iQ will be acknowledged and adopted by more players in the supply chain as its mission aligns with the most important criterion for the whole cargo industry: providing quality service. Story edited by


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