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Working Groups make headway in Abu Dhabi

After the lifting of the COVID restrictions in the UAE, Etihad Cargo took the opportunity to give back to the Cargo iQ community by hosting and sponsoring the Working Group meetings in Abu Dhabi, explains Pak Wong, Manager Digitalisation & Performance, Operations & Delivery, Etihad Cargo

Etihad Cargo has always been an active participant and supporter of Cargo iQ, which forms the core of our operational performance reporting. We have developed dashboards that identify challenges down to the station and shipment level, enabling our teams to proactively follow-up with the relevant stakeholders to fix problems and ensure our performance levels remain high.

In addition to offering sun and sand all year round, Abu Dhabi offers excellent conference facilities and provides the perfect destination to bridge the gap between the east and the west. Among the many benefits that Abu Dhabi offers, the emirate has opened up to support the logistics industry, welcoming partners from all over the world.

Group photo of participants at the Conrad Hotel Cargo iQ
Group photo of participants at the Conrad Hotel

It was great to have more than fifty Cargo iQ members attending the Working Group meetings in person, from freight forwarders to airlines, ground handlers and system providers from around the world. We also welcomed many first timers to the Working Groups, which was encouraging to see as more organizations become aware of the benefits and value of Cargo iQ.

During the Working Group, we had updates from the various sub-working groups and detailed discussions on possible new initiatives for the members to take up. After a successful meeting in the UAE’s capital, we’re looking forward to further progress updates at the next meetings.

In the tradition of previous Working Group meetings there was a dinner, which was held at Li Beirut – a Michelin starred Restaurant in the Conrad Hotel. Everyone enjoyed the evening and the excellent Lebanese food, and we’re looking forward to seeing our fellow Cargo iQ members again soon.

Speaking to various participants during the Working Group sessions, the consensus was that they loved the venue, big rooms, and facilities. The feedback from the Cargo iQ management team was that Etihad had set the new standard for Working Group meetings, which is a very pleasing compliment.

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