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Summer surge for Cargo iQ membership

This summer, Cargo iQ has enjoyed a surge in the growth of its membership across the supply chain, welcoming three new members.

Atilla Lise, Chief Transportation Solutions Officer, Hitit.

Airline and travel IT solutions provider Hitit joined Cargo iQ as a Strategic Associate member and will lend its expertise in digital data management to Cargo iQ member discussions and projects, in time contributing to the development of the Cargo iQ Data Management Platform (CDMP) to drive data sharing between members.

“For the past four years, Hitit has been committed to driving technological advancements within the air cargo industry, so it is of utmost importance for us to be actively engaged in an influential interest group like Cargo iQ, supporting the establishment and implementation of high-quality standards for air cargo,” said Atilla Lise, Chief Transportation Solutions Officer, Hitit.

(Left to right) Leonel Ortiz, Head of Cargo Development, Avianca Cargo; Gabriel Oliva, CEO, Avianca Cargo; Lothar Moehle, Executive Director, Cargo iQ.

July also saw Cargo iQ announce the joining of airline member, Avianca Cargo. The cargo carrier will begin working with Cargo iQ and with its own customers towards their shared goal for enhanced best practices in the air cargo supply chain.

“Our main motivation for joining is that we share a common mission with Cargo iQ and that is the constant quest to apply common global standards and improve quality to promote a better global air cargo industry,” said Leonel Ortiz, Head of Cargo Development, Avianca Cargo.

As a member, Avianca will collaborate with members to look for ways to close data gaps and protect shipment quality, as it looks to position itself as a safe, reliable airline partner.

LOT Polish Airlines was the most recent airline to join the organization, which it sees as a gateway to achieving innovation and continuous development.

“Our goal remains unchanged in our desire to be more present in global tenders with quality freight forwarders and we hope to be recognized as global best-in-class for quality in the cargo business,” said the airline’s Cargo and Mail Director, Michał Grochowski.

“That is why we invest our resources in acquiring IATA CEIV certifications, as well as being part of Cargo iQ, as indisputable proof of quality.”

A further new member announcement is already in the pipeline, as Cargo iQ continues its summer streak of new sign-ups.

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