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Letter from the Executive Director, Lothar Moehle

Oh – the new year 2022 has not only started, but we are already well into the first Quarter of 2022. Time to present you with our new edition of inSight.

The humanitarian crisis due to the situation in the Ukraine puts a lot of things in our life into a totally different perspective and suddenly all priorities which had been so important earlier had to be re-aligned. We are fully aware that many of our readers are very busy now, tackling challenges that simply didn’t exist even three or four weeks ago.

But all our daily activities need to be handled as well and the Cargo iQ management team wishes to keep you posted about recent activities. But please do bear with us if this inSight newsletter is shorter than usual.

As you know, my term as Executive Director started on 1st January 2022. Although pandemic-related restriction prevented me from travelling to Geneva immediately, I have since managed to meet with my colleagues at IATA and most importantly with the Cargo iQ team.

Cargo iQ team
Left to right: Chris Davies, Lothar Moehle, Megha Palkar, Laura Rodriguez

With the start of the new year, the Cargo iQ team and your delegated experts have continued to work on the challenges ahead. We have updated the Terms of References for our various working groups, which are now being scheduled to run in the usual professional manner to complete their tasks. Chris will provide some updates in this newsletter.

Our training program for members is presently undergoing an update and will be structured in interactive modules which will help to train your teams more effectively. Once finalized, you will be informed, and we encourage you and your teams to take advantage of a free and comprehensive introduction to the many activities of Cargo iQ.

We have taken advantage of the opportunity to attend more conferences and meetings, to introduce Cargo iQ and bring the organization closer to our industry colleagues. This initiative helps also to introduce the new concept for Small and Medium Size Industry participants to join Cargo iQ at very attractive membership fees.

Please be reminded that the Cargo iQ Management Team is available to assist you for any additional information or help.

Let me close this introduction with a strongly felt wish that peace, in the Ukraine, can and will be restored very quickly – for the sake of humanity, especially for all the suffering children and innocent people.

With kindest regards,

Lothar Moehle

Cargo iQ Executive Director

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