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Advanced training now offered to members

Cargo iQ has introduced new Advanced training sessions for members aimed at those working in-depth on Cargo iQ projects and tasks on a daily basis, to ensure members have a comprehensive understanding of the group’s processes.

The first workshop was held on 23rd of May in Phoenix, Arizona, ahead of the CNS Partnership Conference, and a second was held on 17th of June in Geneva, alongside Cargo iQ’s working group meetings.

Both on-site training days were well attended, with the focus on shared learning between those present.

“Our online Introductory training has provided a very good start to learning the basics of Cargo iQ for our members, but the virtual aspect brings some limitations to the level of interaction and knowledge exchange,” said Laura Rodriguez, Manager Implementation and Quality Assurance, Cargo iQ.

“We see immense value in running the training face to face and don’t plan to hold these sessions in a hybrid or virtual format, at least for now.”

The Advanced training is free of charge for members and is composed of six modules: Planning Logic; ENCORE; Milestones & KPIs; Smart Data & Reporting; Exception Handling codes; and Audit & Certification.

Over the course of the day’s training, the Cargo iQ management team give a detailed overview of all six topics, coupled with interactive exercises where participants apply the theory to their day-to-day work and share their experience on the topics.

Participants are also encouraged to share common issues and propose possible solutions with the group.

“The idea is to hold sessions in different geographies to allow access to our global membership, which is why we take the opportunity to hold an in-person training session when we travel to a conference or when our members gather for Cargo iQ’s Working Group meetings,” said Lothar Moehle, Executive Director, Cargo iQ.

Participants are recommended to have already completed the online Introductory training launched in May 2021 as a replacement for the face-to-face training during the pandemic.

A third Advanced Training session is expected to take place in September in London, UK, following the IATA World Cargo Symposium and Cargo iQ’s Annual General Meeting.

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