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A view from the Board

Muralidhar Bandla, Manager Cargo Network Operations, Qatar Airways Cargo

The supply chain is facing various key challenges, from the tracking of shipments booked on Road Feeder Services to handling cool chain shipments and the associated costs, lack of synergy between multiple handling organizations and air carriers, and an overarching lack of IT infrastructure supporting the sector’s operations.

Cargo iQ is addressing these issues through collaboration, by bringing stakeholders together on the same platform and improving engagement between them. The board can address industry-wide challenges and drive enhancements that can bring benefits to all Cargo iQ members.

As Qatar Airways Cargo, a specific benefit of our Cargo iQ membership is Cargo iQ's Air Cargo Intelligence Hub, which generates customized reports on our performance and compares it with industry averages to help us take the next step in technology and service innovation.

Currently, some of our key focus areas as the Cargo iQ Board include driving membership commitment and growing the Cargo iQ member footprint by adding more members from different areas of cargo handling such as RFS providers, GHAs, IT and technology providers.

Key projects the membership is currently driving include the implementation of the Freight Into Warehouse (FIW)/ Freight Out of Warehouse (FOW) tracking milestones, developing Care Mapping protocols for temperature-sensitive cargo, andENCORE changes to make SLA agreements visible to the GHA to improve on-time performance.

Qatar Airways Cargo is currently working on implementing the new FIW and FOW messaging standard, which will give us better visibility at a shipment/unit level, and we are very optimistic about the synergy this will bring between the ramp and warehouse handler. We are also currently in the process of updating our ENCORE setup based on the SLA agreements with our GHAs.

With Cargo iQ membership, stakeholders are able to leverage the benefits of a collaborative approach within the industry and to enhance their customer experience through the various services it offers, from process mapping and control to certification through external audits to promote enhanced quality standards.

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