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Cargo iQ Working Group Highlights

The air cargo industry has risen to the enormous challenge of our current crisis through resilience: utilizing industry standards and digital tools to continue to operate efficiently, even under previously unknown circumstances.

From May 11-14, this proved to be the case for Cargo iQ as well, as we held our very first Virtual Working Group meetings to replace the face-to-face event we had planned in Moscow, Russia.

The active interaction between attendees made the sessions a great success. Regular session times were shortened but the format remained as before – opening plenary, focused work package discussions, a SMAMS analysis session, member user group meetings, and closing plenary. (To read more about SMAMS, click here)

Going virtual also meant that we could reach members that would have found it hard to come to Moscow to join our physical meeting. With a total of 53 different organizations (airlines, forwarders, members, IT companies and some guests from IATA), the meetings saw an attendance of 105 people.

Some of the main outcomes were:

- Reinforcing Cargo iQ’s commitment to measure 100% of its members’ shipments

- An agreed way to shorten the monthly reporting cycle

- A clear path to better align the operational realities of our industry with our performance measurement, through:

  • more efficient methodology to define and use our offsets

  • a new milestone that registers and evaluates the service commitment on Time of Availability (TOA)

  • a kick-off for messaging and data exchange standards to delineate custody between warehouse and ramp operators

  • a reinforced commitment to accurately implement events/updates such as FOH (Freight on Hand) and NFD (Consignee Notification - by carrier to forwarder)

  • continued drive for pilots on Exception Handling, Care Mapping and Service Parameters (such as Time Defined products)

We are working with the Cargo iQ community to take our commitment to quality and service delivery management forward. While we are all learning the new format of gatherings, as time goes on, we will improve on our methodology.

The Cargo iQ management team continues to be here if you ever need any assistance and support during this crisis or simply more information about our initiatives.

Reach out to the Cargo iQ team through any of the following addresses:,,, or

Thank you,

Visit for more information.

Pictured above: Laura Rodriguez, Manager Implementation & Quality Assurance, Cargo iQ (top left);

Ariaen Zimmerman, Executive Director, Cargo iQ (top right);

Megha Palkar, Assistant Manager,

Cargo iQ (bottom left);

Chris Davies, Manager Technology & Data, Cargo iQ (bottom right)

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