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Cargolux and Panalpina win Q Rally Challenge using cargo iQ data to drive quality in Luxembourg

Cargo iQ’s Quality Rally, or Q Rally, is a new initiative for members to showcase operational improvements collaboratively developed, using data gathered by the Group.

Geneva, Switzerland, Thursday, 13th December 2018 – Cargolux and Panalpina worked together to boost data quality and performance at Luxembourg Airport as part of Cargo iQ’s Q Rally and won the first stage of the challenge.

The initiative challenges members to work together collecting data which focuses on improving quality in the industry, to create tangible benefits for their organizations.

Cargolux and Panalpina, two of 14 members taking part in the first challenge, identified that Ready for Carriage (RCS) notifications were being sent before Freight Waybill transmissions were received, resulting in process inconsistencies or delays in the supply chain at Luxembourg Airport.

By ensuring RCS notifications were correct, the Cargolux and Panalpina team was able to improve the quality rating at Luxembourg Airport from 69 per cent to 94 per cent in just six months, beating the target that they set for themselves by nine percentage points.

“The result of the first Q Rally shows that different organisations can work together to produce tangible outcomes,” said Franco Nanna, Director – Global Logistics Services, Cargolux.

“Cargo iQ can be compared to a well-functioning family, where every member respects each other, because it doesn’t just benefit one or two members, it benefits the entire cargo industry.”

The collaborative nature of the Q Rally has been applauded by the participating members, with representatives from Cargolux and Panalpina preparing to join forces again, in early 2019.

“The advantages of working with Cargo iQ members are that definitions and standards are known, and the Q Rally is about identifying the root cause of problems to eliminate them,” said Marie Seco Köppen, Corporate Air Freight Business Process and Integration Manager, Panalpina.

“In the next stage, we will work with Cargolux again to find a solution to triggering Freight Status Updates in a timely manner, which is crucial for our customers.”

“The Q Rally is a Cargo iQ member project that identifies inconsistencies in air cargo processes with the aim of finding innovative solutions through collaborative problem solving,” said Ariaen Zimmerman, Executive Director at Cargo iQ.

“The first stage was successfully completed by outstanding teams from Panalpina and Cargolux and resulted in the Freight Waybill quality at Luxembourg Airport significantly increasing, which is another example of how Cargo iQ membership is beneficial for air cargo organizations.”

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