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Cathay Pacific on the importance of integration

Welcome back to inSight, our brief update on the Cargo iQ community.

We live in interesting times. This summer, a lot of us were surprised when the UK referendum ended up in a majority vote to leave the European Union. Many wondered if people realised what they were voting for, and whether they would get the results that they had in mind, on both sides of the vote. A similar choice was recently presented in the US, where most people are fearful of not getting what they voted for. Both these votes offered, of course, interesting elections where choices had to be made on promises that were hard, if not impossible to keep.

Thinking of those politics, I feel relief that our community is very different. For the Cargo iQ community, transparent delivery on clear promises is a truism, and we get more and more done to show the true value of our members to the industry.

Read the full Insight issue here.

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