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Welcome to Cargo iQ

Cargo iQ is an IATA interest group with the mission of creating and implementing quality standards for the worldwide air cargo industry.

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Cargo iQ operates as a collaborative, multi-stakeholder community that continuously improves the air cargo experience. The community consists of 60+ members worldwide including airlines, forwarders, GHAs, trucking companies, IT companies, and airports.

Our members work together to define the processes behind the air transport of cargo to measure success and continuously improve the value of airfreight for customers.


​Cargo iQ members developed the Master Operating Plan (MOP), which outlines the end-to-end air cargo processes in a normalized view. The MOP embeds quality metrics used to develop specifications for shipment planning and performance management.


​IATA uses the MOP to embed operational procedures, guidelines and best practices and drive technological advancements. 


Watch a short video here!

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